5 Pastries set for $20

5 Pastries set for $20

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One crisp chilly morning, C Market Pastries were freshly baked from the oven and waiting for the customers to take them home.

The weather kept getting worse, and we didn't want them to feel cold. 

So even though gathering is not allowed at this time, we made an exception just for the pastries to gather as 5, so they can keep themselves warm and fresh!

However, the gathering is only allowed until February, but they are still happy.

5 Pastry friends are:

  • Blueberry Danish: $4.50 Orignial Price
  • Raspberry Danish: $4.50 Orignial Price
  • Walnut Cream cheese Danish: $4.25 Original Price
  • Hazelnut Crunch: $4.25 Original Price
  • Ham and Cheese Bechamel : $4.75 Original Price