COVID-19 Safety Plan at C Market Coffee


 (Updated August 25th , 2021)

At C Market Coffee, the safety of our staff and customers is of at most importance, especially during these critical times. Please be advised and read the safety measures at our facility that we have set in place for the safety of one another. 

Mask Requirments: Masks are REQUIRED for 12 years and older when not at a table. Please maintain social distancing. Thank you. 

There are no group limits for indoor and outdoor dining.

  • Venues can determine their own table limits
  • No socializing between tables
  • No dancing
  • Liquor service hours return to normal



STEP 1: Assess the risk at C Market Coffee.

STEP 2: Implementing protocols to reduce risk.

 1st level of Protection (Elimination)

  • Policies are advised to all staff members.
  • Posters are displayed.
  • Hand Sanitizers are placed on every table, work spaces, and condiment area.
  • Cleaning Procedures & Tasks: Immediate sanitization by wiping down with disinfecting solutions. Strict cleaning schedule.
  • Limited Occupancy 
  • Work Schedule Control: Limited staff working in the same shift at a given time. (Physical distancing)
  • Rearranged tables
  • NO MORE THAN 6 PATRONS SEATED AT A TABLE and no moving between tables. (Temporally NO Dining in as of Mar 29th)
  • No accepting of Cash 
  • No accepting of Personal Cups
  • Use of disposable containers and cutlery
  • Designated Pick-up Area
  • No self-serve condiment area
  • Mobile Order at table to eliminate queues 

     2nd level of Protection (Engineering Controls)

    • Barriers (Plexiglasses) are installed at the order counter and tables. This provides additional protection between customers and serving employees.
    • Barrier Cleaning as indicated in our Cleaning Protocol.

    3rd Level of Protection (Administrative Controls)

    • C Market Coffee Cleaning Protocols
    • Use of hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing / Personal hygiene practice.
    • Collecting Customer Mobile check-in information (Expires after 30 days)
    • Designated 3rd party delivery company and Online Order pick-up area.
    • Clear communication and understanding of our protocols and guidelines.
    • Single use (Disposable) food containers and cutlery for customers.
    • Wipe down equipment after use.
    • Wipe down commonly touched areas including doorknobs, handles, etc.

    4th Level of Protection.

    • All staff - Use of Non-Medical Masks at all times
    • Review information on selecting an appropriate mask and instructions on how to properly use a mask. Guidelines are displayed accessibly in the work area.
    • All employees are required to bring in their own mask. The facility is supplied with 3-ply Face Masks for staff who have forgotten to bring their own masks.


    Cleaning & Hygiene Practices.

    • Everyone entering the workplace must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
    • Anyone who is showing symptoms of COVID-19 are prohibited from the workplace.
    • Cleaning plans & protocols are in effect (Responsible person for cleaning, supervised by a manager)
    • All Employees must wash their hands frequently.
    • Good Hygiene practices.
    • Do not reuse disposable gloves.
    • Disinfect Food Pickup Area, POS – Order Counter, Entry Door handles
    • Disinfect all Tables, Seating Booths, and Chairs
    • Keep Roasting Room Door Closed at all times.
    • Open 1 Washroom for frequent sanitization. (Only for customers)
    • Clean Washrooms frequently.
    • Clean Fridge & Freezer Door handles.
    • Clean Light Switches
    • Clean entry door handles/ all door handles. (As frequent as possible)
    • Deep Cleaning and Sanitization of entire facility weekly/ monthly
    • No self-serve area. No shared utensils & plates.


    • All staff must read C Market Coffee’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.
    • Sign COVID-19 Safety Plan Acknowledgement Form. 


    **All plans and policies can be updated with guidance of health advisory.**

    Sick Workers:

    • Report to First Aid, even with mild symptoms.
    • Do not come to work if you have any symptoms.
    • Consult the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool.
    • Clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill worker has come into contact with.

    First Aid Attendants:           CALL 811

    For Severe illness:                CALL 911

    Contact Management Team for further details.