About Us

Our Space

C Market Coffee is a newly established café in early 2019, located in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada. Our space boasts of an on-site roastery, full commercial open kitchen, and upscale coffee bar and dining area. Our modern interior is designed to enhance the dining experience through a neat balance between ‘refined’ and ‘casual’. The simple arrangement is made to encourage and not distract the customer away from indulging in their food, in their coffee, and in their meaningful interactions.

Our Story

Traditionally, C Market referred to the market in which coffee contracts were treated as commodities that were bought and sold in the form of future contracts. The Coffee C contract is the world benchmark for Arabica Coffee. 
C Market Coffee takes on a modern rendition of this connoted market, by introducing specialty grade coffees from different micro-lots arranging a location where growers, families, and artisans can be connected in one single location where we understand and share fair value in every step. High quality green beans can be roasted, brewed, and sold, while the freshest ingredients can be used to create rich and palatable dishes at stable and affordable prices. C Market introduces the concept of emerging healthy, gourmet food with a fast-paced and casual setting. To make this exchange meaningful, we decided to target customers with busy lifestyles that value healthy, high quality food and coffee, at affordable prices. Our attention to speed to market to meet the demands of our customers is always emphasized.

Our Mission + Values

At C Market Coffee, our simple mission is to make good coffee and fresh food to support a healthy lifestyle for the people we cherish the most. We want our fragrant coffee and fresh food to bring people together and for it to be a reminder that the best moments are the ones we share with our loved ones. It is our mission to create exclusive memories in an all-inclusive environment.
We place value on top notch quality by guaranteeing the most consistent and freshest ingredients, the finest expertise through an artisan’s perspective, and the highest service through respectful and honest practices. We are an all-inclusive team that encourages a dynamic and dedicated work place with high expectations. We want to educate our team and customers to make healthy and ethical lifestyle choices. Our greatest value is creating an environment that welcomes creativity and progressive thinking and behavior.