C Market Coffee is a small-scale boutique café and roastery. We care for quality and consistency, which is why we use only the finest of green coffee beans from micro lots. These beans are roasted in small batches every day to guarantee freshness and to bring out the distinctive characteristics unique to these beans.

We want our customers to join us on the journey to exploring a diverse selection of well-sourced beans. We hope you can appreciate the craftsmanship that comes into serving the perfect cup of coffee.


Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:14

Coffee: 50g (for 2 servings)

Water: 700g

Brew Time: 3:30 ~ 4:00 minute

1. Fold filter with threefold toward the spout
2. Pre wet filter and discard water
3. Slowly pour 100g hot water in small circular motions
4. Let it bloom for 45 seconds.
5. Slowly pour 600g water in small circular motions.
6. Brew within 3:30 to 4 minutes.

V-60 Pour Over

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:15

Coffee: 23g (single serving) Medium Grind

Water: 360g

Brew Time: 3:30 ~ 4:00 minute

1. Fold the filter into a cone shape, rinse filter with hot water, and discard water.
2. Measure and grind 23 g (about 3 Tablespoons) of medium ground coffee.
3. Slowly pour water just enough to cover the grounds.
4. Let it boom, de-gas for 30 seconds.
5. Pour water in a slow, spiral motions every 10-15 seconds for an even extraction.
6. Pour water until you reach 360g.
7. Target brewing time is 3 minutes. You should have about 10 oz brewed coffee.

C Market Coffee uses V60 Copper Series made of copper has excellent thermal conductivity.

Copper conducts and distributes heat evenly which benefits this V60 series. Due to the antibacterial property of the copper, it is used widely for kitchenware.


Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:14

Coffee: 17g (single serving) Medium Grind

Water: 250g

Brew Time: 3:00

1. Place a paper filter inside the lid and pre-wet.
2. With plunger fully extended, add 17g medium ground coffee.
3. Pour hot water and let bloom for 15 seconds.
4. Pour 250g of water.
5. Stir at 50 seconds, then add lid with filter, and turn to ensure the lid is locked in place.
6. At 3 minutes, Flip the Aeropress, place on top of receptacle, and press with a mild and consistent firmness.

Moka Pot

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:12

Coffee: 20g (single serving) Medium- Fine Grind

Water: 235g

1. Add 235g boling water to bottom pot chamber
2. Place filter basket in base
3. Add 20g freshly grounded coffee
4. Level coffee and re-assemble pot as securely as possible
5. Place on burner at medium heat
6. Close lid as soon as brewing coffee is visible
7. Once the percolating sounds stop, remove from heat and rest for 30 seconds.

French Press

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:16

Coffee: 41g (2 servings) Medium Coarse grind

Water: 672g

Brew Time: 4:00 minute

1. Preheat French Press with hot water.
2. Place freshly ground coffee in the brew cylinder.
3. Pour hot water over grounds, making sure all grounds are saturated with water.
4. Stir entire press 5-6 times after 3 minutes has passed.
5. Once 4 minutes has passed, skim and discard floating grounds and foam from top of brew.
6. Depress the plunger. Pour & enjoy!