C Market Space Rentals (Port Coquitlam location)

 Questions? Send us an email at marketing@cmarket.ca!

4 images of C Market Coffee. 1 picture of the rental room and 3 of the cafe space.


When creating our new C Market Coffee location in Port Coquitlam, we had a very clear vision: “create a social hub for coffee and art”. To prove this, when designing our space, we incorporated many areas such as spacious seating, a training room for specialized barista training, and a side room to serve multiple rental purposes such as a meeting room, rental office space, or a classroom.  

We want to share our beautifully designed cafe and utilize its full potential by allowing the community to book the rental room as well as the entire cafe space for gathering. 

Rental Room Details

Room Dimensions and Capacity

This versatile and easy to organize 400 ftroom has a capacity of 25 people. This includes seating for 25 alongside 3 large desks which can be organized to fit your meeting needs. 


The room is equipped with an 85” Smart TV, Bose Bluetooth Speakers, multiple power outlets and wifi for your convenience. 


There are 3 bathrooms in the building. 


The booking is $75/hour. To officially book the spot, contact marketing@cmarket.ca

Food & Drinks

We do not allow outside food or drinks, however, renters can enjoy 10% off our menu during the session. Parties over 8, please email marketing@cmarket.ca to place food&drink order in advance. 


Large Cafe Space Details

Room Dimensions and Capacity

This large and bright 3000 ft2  space has a capacity of 75 people. This includes various table and bar seating, as well as ample standing room. 


We provide the option for catering with a huge variety of different cuisines and options for appetizers, small meals, 3-course meals, desserts, drinks, alcohol, and many more! *We first require your per-person budget to provide menu options. Contact us for more information at marketing@cmarket.ca


The space is equipped with Bose Bluetooth Speakers, multiple power outlets, wifi, and an 85” Smart TV (located in the separate room within the cafe).  


There are 3 bathrooms in the building. 

Our Rules and Regulations

    • We request that you treat our staff with the same respect and courtesy we treat you with. We also request you keep the noise at an appropriate level. 
    • Please abide by our capacity limits. These limits are placed for your own safety in accordance with our safety plan in case of an emergency. 
    • Please pay the remainder fee + 5% GST a day before your scheduled date of booking. 
    • Setup and cleanup of your room are allocated within your reserved time. You may extend the timeframe of your rental if the following slot is free. If it is not free, you are expected to leave by the time reserved.  
    • If you stay more than 10 minutes past your alloted time frame, you will be charged for an additional hour. 
    Food and Beverages
    • In the rental room, food and beverages purchased outside of C Market Coffee are not permitted. For the large cafe space, catering services are optional and include gratuity. You are responsible for clearing the room of anything that was brought in in a clean and respectful manner. 
    Security Deposit
    • A partially non-refundable security deposit is required to book a reservation for large space only (meeting room does not apply). For the large cafe space, the fee is $500 upfront to book. This deposit will be applied to your total if none of the rules or regulations are breached. 

    Partial Refund Policy 

    We only provide partial refunds to cover the cost of service fees for coordinating the booking.

    Whole cafe:

    • Partial refund- Cancel up to 2 weeks before your booking for a partial refund of $250 back from your deposit. 
    Our Agreement 
    • If any of the terms above are breached, your party may be asked to leave the room and will be subject to payment for the time accrued or damages incurred.